A unique festival

Outside in the courtyard, many types of refreshments are being served. From real country-style food, to thirst quenchers.The farmhousearea is an amphitheater with the mainstage in the centre. And of course – the stage looks like a western-saloon. Small and intimate to let

the crowd and artists share the music in a unique way. All in order to keep the distance between us as small as possible.

At the top of the hill we have a refreshment place called «Green Hills «. Here you can sit and enjoy the incredible surrounding nature, a good meal, and last, but not least – listen to good music from the Green Hills-stage.

In the year 2000 the entertainment area was opened as a bar and service area. The festival audience who came to Skjåk demonstrated that they appreciated this, in a positive way. This means that we can continue to have an open bar area.

Do you want to shop ? The sales booths are in huts and sell music as well as clothes and other country effects. Everything is arranged to make you feel at home here.

The Skjaak Country Festival is arranged in an old farm area with a log house. The farm buildings were rebuilt after an avalanche in 1913. It is worthy of note that the date was the 13th of March and 13 people perished. Unique Norwegian nature frames the festival area.

Green Hills lives up to its name, surrounded by leafy trees and firs- and mountains as its nearest neighbours. A trickling stream of clear water runs past it. Yes, you can sense the smell of country from a long way off. The location is 4.4 km west of the village of Bismo. The camping area surrounds Green Hills. This area has space for about 700 units and has, everything you need, under the motto: Leave the car, let’s walk, here’s all we need NOW.

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